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Anthony Weiner Out Of Mayoral Race

Anthony Weiner campaigning in Bryant Park in The Promise of New York

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, and 2005 Democratic mayoral candidate, as seen in The Promise of New York, announced Wednesday that he will not be throwing his hat in the race for mayor this year.

Weiner cited Bloomberg’s vast financial resources as one of the major factors in his decision.  The harsh economic times we live in also influenced Weiner’s decision, who felt his time is better spent working in Washington where he can be more effective in helping his constituency through Congress.

Predicting Anthony Weiner’s bid for mayor this year, before any official announcement had been made, Bloomberg’s campaign had already begun attacking the Congressman’s credibility by spreading false information through fake telephone polls earlier this Spring.

Now, Weiner’s bowing out positions Bill Thompson, the city’s Comptroller, as the Democratic frontrunner and Bloomberg’s virtually sole opponent in this year’s race.

The sad truth for a political candidate without deep pockets is that while money isn’t the only thing, it does matter.

Campaign finance laws are vital, not just to keep special interests from dominating campaigns, but also because in this case they could help prevent vast disparities in spending.

-Anthony Weiner


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